HIV Infections During a Pregnancy


The number of kids infected with HIV or AIDS is of approximately one thousand two hundred every day. This disease is mainly transmitted from mother to child, this being the most frequently encountered explanation for the infected kids we see today. This virus is responsible with AID and it is transmitted through sexual contacts. It can lead to the baby’s death in the uterus or it can cause a very serious disease.

All women should do an HIV test at the beginning of their pregnancy and this is something which has become systematic. Even if don’t have any concerns in this direction, you are highly recommended to do this test. If the result is negative, there are two explanations. The first one would be that you don’t have AIDS and the second one would be that there weren’t enough anti-corps in your body to prove that you have AIDS at the moment when the test was done.

Almost 0.2 per cent of the pregnant women have the HIV virus. Therefore, these mothers can transmit the virus through breastfeeding. Also, even if a mother isn’t HIV-positive during the pregnancy, she can still transmit the virus to her baby if she is infected during her breastfeeding period. This is why the mothers who know that there can different problems regarding this virus should feed their babies from bottles.

The HIV virus can be transmitted to the baby through the placenta, but it can also be transmitted during the birthing process when the exchange of organic liquids is made. The risk of contamination is a lot higher at the end of the pregnancy because of the blood exchanges between the mother ad the baby. However, most of the contaminations occur during natural births because of the blood exchange. This is the reasons why a lot of doctors prefer an artificial birth to a natural one.

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