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Kegel exercises for men come with a myriad of health rewards. The problem is that some people take this for granted. They work on their biceps, triceps, and legs, but they forget their pelvic area. Sure, they look good, but when they don’t do well sexually, there will always be something missing. If you and your partner want to add some spice in your relationship, give him a lit of moves that he can do at home.

If you want to add variety to your routine, you can also use a wash cloth. As soon as you notice an erection, try hanging the towel on your penis like a rack. Lift the towel slightly by doing contractions. The heavier the wash cloth is, the stronger you are. You may even move up to a towel once you’ve gotten used to the routine. It’s important that you also learn the art of breathing when doing Kegel exercises. Just focus on your entire body and keep practicing. Always have your end goal in mind because the better you are in bed, the more confident you become.

If you’re a man who wants to satisfy his woman every way possible, you’ll be required to work on the pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle during your workout. You’ll know where this muscle is when you try to stop the flow of your urine half way. The best part about this is that you can do this just about anywhere because the exercise is so subtle that no one will notice what you’re doing.

Kegel exercises strengthen your ability to control erection and ejaculation. So, contract and release your PC muscle in quick successions. This might be challenging at first, but when done regularly, you’ll see how much easier it becomes. Of course, you may want to start slow. Do at least 25 contractions first. Each contraction should last about 10 seconds. Then, slowly release and relax for a few seconds until you begin the next set.