Methods of Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Methods of Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is defined as reaching orgasm too quickly, usually prior to or within seconds of penetration. You may also be experiencing premature ejaculation if you are reaching orgasm before you or your partner intend in a manner that leaves either of you (or both of you) feeling unsatisfied.

At least 29% or more of the male population report problems in this area. There are many causes both psychological and physical. Psychological causes include stress, performance anxiety, insecurity, and sex-related fears. Physical causes are actually quite rare but can include an unusually high sensitivity in sexual nerve endings or other structural issues of the penis.

One method of controlling premature ejaculation is with exercises. The most common is the use of kegel exercises. These are done to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle, which is the main muscle affecting ejaculation and orgasm function.

This is the same muscle you use to stop the flow of urine. Kegel exercises are performed by alternately holding and releasing the muscle and are most effective if done in varying lengths in sets of ten.

For example, you can hold and release in ten sets of ten seconds each and then try ten sets of twenty seconds each. Strengthening this muscle through exercise will work to an extent, but it takes quite a while to build up muscle strength. The exercises will also have to be continued to have lasting effects, and you also may not be able to get to the improvement level you are seeking.

Another way to combat premature ejaculation is with the various creams and gels on the market. These work by using the numbing agents lidocaine or benzocaine. They are applied to the penis prior to each sexual encounter. They work by severely desensitizing the penile area.

However, the numbing agents may cause too severe of a desensitizing effect making it hard to achieve orgasm at all. You will also have to wait an allotted amount of time after applying before engaging in activity, which decreases spontaneity. Side affects reported are redness, burning, and rashes. Sometimes this is due to not washing immediately after sex, though you can still have skin reactions even if you have thoroughly washed.

There are now pills on the market that can treat the problem of premature ejaculation. Many have been proven to be highly effective in increasing the time before ejaculation and many report much higher sexual satisfaction with regular use. They use a combination of safe herbal remedies to drastically improve the time before you reach an orgasm.

You will not have to worry about skin reactions and scrubbing after sexual contact nor will you experience the severe desensitization found in numbing creams and gels. You will also not have the exercise time involved and will not have to wait to see results. Instead, you will see improvements in your endurance quite quickly. Between the three main methods of controlling premature ejaculation, pills offer the highest potential results in the quickest amount of time. Pills that treat premature ejaculation offer safety, convenience and ease of use and will leave you and your partner much more sexually satisfied.

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