The Most Effective Prostate Enlargement Prevention Methods That Don’t Involve Drugs

The Most Effective Prostate Enlargement Prevention Methods That Don’t Involve Drugs

Prostate problems affect about 12% of the male population. Whether they’ll admit or not, men over 45 need to have regular prostate exams and potentially even Prostate Specific Antigen PSA tests. How does the condition of an enlarged prostate happen and is it dangerous? The prostate gland goes through two primary periods of growth, once in early puberty and the other about age 25.

During the second phase of growth, the condition of an enlarged prostate may occur when the layer of tissue surrounding the prostate stops it from expanding and presses it against the urethra. It is generally accepted that men over the age of 45 start to experience some prostate enlargement, though they may not have any significant symptoms, and by age 60, it is believed that 80% of all men experience some enlargement which affects urination.

Over time, these urination problems can cause serious health problems such as kidney or bladder damage, incontinence or bladder stones.

Are there any natural prevention methods that do not involve drugs? Zinc is considered a valuable element and one that can help regulate normal cell death and in building the immune system response. It has also proven helpful with enlarged and inflamed prostates. Zinc supplements can be increased to 50 to 100 milligrams, though doctors suggest the extra Zinc should complement a naturally healthy diet rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Exercise, including Kegel exercises also help to improve blood circulation to the prostate tissues. Kegel exercises are performed by tightening the muscles around the scrotum and anus and often recommended by sex therapists to help men with premature ejaculation problems. Kegel exercises can only help, you see! An average amount of Kegel flexes is 4-5 times a day, in sets of ten.

Finally, tomatoes have also been cited as possible prevention method against prostate cancer and other prostate problems like enlargement, due to the fruit’s lycopene carotene. A healthy diet and good exercise are natural prevention methods against this medical condition

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