7 Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation

7 Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation

1. Alcohol
Drugs and alcohol won’t work to stop premature ejaculation in any way because they have absolutely no effect to stop it.

2. Blackstone
Blackstone is an herbal remedy from the Caribbean that claims to cure premature ejaculation. It’s called a “Wonder drug”, and it is basically a tree sap that is rubbed on your penis. It’s a much hyped product, claiming it can give enormous amounts of pleasure and has been used for years. It’s supposed to work for 4 hours. The main problem is that a single Blackstone will take 2 weeks to deliver, and a single stone costs $60. This is the way to go if you want to overspend and wait much longer for a cure.

3. Distraction
Some people recommend distracting yourself during intercourse, so that you can remove sexual thoughts that can get you aroused and you can think of something unpleasant during sex. Some people also suggest pinching themselves, or asking their sexual partner to pinching them. The problem with this method is that you’ll hurt yourself, and thinking of unpleasant thoughts can help you lose your erection, causing another problem among many men – erectile dysfunction.

4. Desensitizing creams
These creams work by removing sensitivity from your penis during intercourse. The main problem is that, although this method is less costly than the Blackstone, you’ll lose sensitivity, sacrificing pleasure during sex (you’ll lose the entire point of sex), and you can transmit the desensitizing cream to your partner, who’ll also lose pleasure. You’ll both have a bad time.

5. Masturbation
Some men recommend masturbating as a tip to stop premature ejaculation. The big problem with this method is that if you masturbate, you can get a temporary erectile function problem, and you’ll experience a lack of sperm volume when you ejaculate during the intercourse. You’ll be able to delay orgasm, but lose pleasure and increase anxiety and stress (causing more premature ejaculation problems in the future)

6. Exercises
There are exercises such as The Kegel exercise with the idea to strengthen the muscles that can help you control your ejaculation. One exercise involved you holding your urine while you urinate, to strengthen the muscles to increase your staying power. These exercises can be useful to a limited extent, because they will not last forever to cure your premature ejaculation – unless you do them every day.

7. Pills
This is by far the most effective method to curing premature ejaculation because pills are simple to take, amazingly fast acting, safe and affordable at the same time. But this is the case only with legitimate pills. As with many products, there are thousands of fake products that don’t work that are being sold on the internet.

Thousands of men get scammed everyday by pills that have contaminated ingredients, ingredients that can cause allergies and pills with incorrect dosage requirements (many bottles ask you to take more than required, so that you ingest more pills faster, and need more supplies, resulting in more sales for the companies that make them)

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